[Teammetrics-discuss] Something new regarding Gmane.

Sukhbir Singh sukhbir.in at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 09:51:38 UTC 2011


> I'll try.  Do you think the just cached mboxes which I fetched with the
> old nntpstat.py script can be used or do I need to delete them and pull
> from scratch?

Sadly no. Because in this I didn't even think of fetching them from
the cache. I can implement support for this but that would be an
overkill because once the script runs fine, it won't need the older
articles as they are not downloaded (redundancy check). So you have to
fetch the articles again :(

If you want this feature, please tell me without hesitation and I will
implement that :)

> 0. Write the mbox at debian-hidden to mbox at debian-public according to the
>   hints of Alex (just tell me, if you need further information).


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