[Tts-project] help. Will you be of help?

Nadia Fariz Halim Transporte.Grosse at t-online.de
Fri Nov 28 10:32:05 UTC 2014

Dear sir, I am Mrs. Nadia Fariz Halim, wife to Mr. Fariz Halim a Malaysian farmer and politician. My husband was murdered in Malaysia in 2009 by loyalist’s hatchet men from the ruling political party in the country. After his death, our family treasure and assets have being seized by the government. Stricter measures placed to make life miserable for me. Resultantly, I have relocated to a remote location to escape the attacks from the government. I write you because of our last family deposit in a bank in Malaysia. I have discussed with the manager who promised to assist me have the money out of Malaysian bank asked me to present someone outside Malaysia to receive this fund for us. also, the bank said i need to change the account name from my family name to your name so that the government will not dictate it. Please reply this email so i can direct you to the bank for expedite the process. Thank you. Mrs. Nadia Fariz Halim
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