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Sarah Amsellem sarah.amsellem at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 14:04:47 UTC 2008


My name is Sarah Amsellem and I'm a french student in a engineer school in
the Computer Science departement studying the field of Computer Graphics.
I'm very insterested to work on your applications this summer in the case of
the Google Summer of Code and started to register my applications on the
Google website.
I also started to check the code of the TuxMath project as this one
interests me at most.

I have extensive knowledge in the C programming language and learn new
things quickly. I like challenges and exceed myself and I can invest me more
than required. I will be able to work on this project the whole summer.
I feel that I'm a responsible (I am currently the system administrator and
the website development team leader of the student association of my school,
see http://ae.utbm.fr), independant, dynamic person, I adapt easily many
different working situations and I'm convinced I can bring you my skills.

I hope that you will find in me the ideal candidate to work on your project
and hope to hear from you soon.
I am at your entire disposal for any questions.

Sarah Amsellem
Etudiante UTBM en Génie Informatique
Specialité Image Interaction et Réalite Virtuelle
Responsable informatique de l'AE
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