[Tux4kids-discuss] Tux4kids new website is live

Matthew McSpadden webmaster at anvilsmithtech.com
Mon Jun 1 01:27:26 UTC 2009

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that tonight we went live with the new 
website. The mailing lists are being worked on, to include a page that 
lists all the mailing lists and how to subscribe to them.  I will 
continue to work on it thru the summer, but it is up and functional now. 
I would still very much like some help as we continue on here if anyone 
on the list has a few minutes.

1. A help section for the TuxMath and the tuxtype website. A list of 
FAQs or perhaps a tutorial of some sort. I think it would be best coming 
from some people who are more familiar with its workings than I am.

2. More screenshots of both Tuxtype and TuxMath.

3. General comments on things that may not be working, typos, things 
that look funny, etc. Ideas for making the website better.

For those who want to help out I would reiterate that you can either 
send me the content in some digital form, or add it yourself. If you 
need any help adding it check out the link below or feel free to email me.



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