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also sprach Junichi Uekawa <dancer at> [2007.06.23.0036 +0100]:
> Hi,

Hi Junichi!

> There was a brief mention of why 'tag' is not the same as a 'branch'
> in git, which is the case in arch.
> The difference between tag and branch look pretty artificial. A tag
> and a branch both point to a 'commit'.  The only difference being that
> a branch follows what you commit, and tag is static.

Yes, and that they have different meanings, of course.

> You could probably even do 
> mv .git/refs/heads/branch-name .git/refs/tags/
> to turn a branch into a tag (lightweight tag).

While knowledge of .git/* is a good thing to have, I am not too
comfortable actually modifying it through non-git tools. But maybe
I am just too careful.

> git does have a 'heavyweight tag' which can contain GPG signs, so it's
> probably better to sign that tag, but that's a minor nit.

I did. :)


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