Graph of VCSes before Martin's git package maintenance demo.

Will Thompson will at
Sun Jun 24 20:06:07 UTC 2007


Before you demonstrated using git for package maintenance at DebConf,
you presented a graph of the evolution of version control systems which
looked something like this:

      ... \
cvs,svn,   \
rcs over    o
here       / \
          /   \
        darcs  o
              / \
             /   \
            /     \
        git,arch,  monotone

Why did you place monotone on a different branch (ahem) of the graph?  I
assume it's connected to its weird hybrid two-types-of-branch stuff,
where any branch can have multiple heads which you can then merge (which
I have not seen elsewhere), but I'd be interested in an elaboration.

Also, darcs' position suggests that you consider it to have been
superseded by the other DVCSes mentioned on the graph.  Is this the
case?  If so, why?


Kaylee: A couple of hours, maybe. We'll start to feel it, and then we
        won't feel nothing at all.
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