Advantages of simpler patch management tools

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Fri Oct 12 16:19:14 UTC 2007

also sprach Kumar Appaiah <akumar at> [2007.10.12.1721 +0100]:
> However, I am still thinking whether there would be a way by which
> you can merge your branches and still keep the .diff.gz clean, by
> somehow converting the merge to a patch which resides in the
> debian/ directory at "merge-time". I can't think of a way to do
> this (yet), but I am wondering whether we can maintain the
> .diff.gz.

Well, Canonical tried this with HCT, which seems like a dead
project, so either it didn't work for them, or something else went

The person in charge is/was Scott James Remnant who is subscribed to
this list as well. Scott, could you let us in on this?

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