git-svn and branches/upstream/{current,THE_REST}

Sam Vilain sam at
Tue Oct 16 05:10:04 UTC 2007

Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> Hi Martin and The List,
> Pardon my ignorance if it is just too late and I should go too sleep to
> see something obvious tomorrow morning. Is there something I am missing
> or git-svn approach of migration needs some additional tuning here? :-)
> if we use git-svn to convert existing svn repository which used to be
> created/used with svn-buildpackage, then directory branches/upstream
> contains somewhat of a branch current/ (where svn kept rolling history
> of injected and later on upgraded upstream releases) and tags
> (such as X.Y.Z/) which are pretty much tags on top of "current" branch.
> git-svn sure thing doesn't know about that, and I don't see any option
> to it which would allow to provide such tessellation within
> branches/upstream directory.

No, and there's no real excuse for it not being able to support
arbitrary branch layouts, either.  It's the sort of feature I think I'd
be able to implement in anger if I really needed it.

You can however have multiple git-svn remotes defined, and then fetch
them all into the same git repository.


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