Some more queries on packaging with Git

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Mon Oct 22 07:59:41 UTC 2007

also sprach Kumar Appaiah <akumar at> [2007.10.19.1252 +0200]:
> 1. He has not spoken on the .orig.tar.gz, where to put it etc.;
> that is not understood by default. I assume it is in the parent
> directory.

*Every* Debian build tool puts or expects it in the parent
directory, so I don't see a need to mention this.

> Another thing is, if we wish to generate the orig.tar.gz prior to
> the build, would it be useful to check out the upstream branch and
> make the orig.tar.gz using git archive using the
> poor-mans-gitbuild script itself?

You are missing the point of poor-mans-gitbuild. It's not
git-buildpackage or unperish. It is designed to make a point.

Before you go out and try to script this all, have a look at
git-buildpackage or

> Also, all the debs end up in the parent directory. Isn't this
> a trifle clumsy? Shouldn't we be able to move the files to
> a separate `build-area' directory, like in svn-buildpackage?

svn-buildpackages builds in build-area/packagename-0.12 which is why
the files end up in build-area. I never understood why they do that
instead of using the -i/-I flags properly and generate the stuff
from the same tree.

> 2. I now have adapted Martin's poor-mans-gitbuild script to do one
> additional thing, which is a fakeroot ./debian/rules clean. IMO,
> that helps me because it cleans up the build, and it also helps me
> verify whether the upstream packaging is `distclean clean'.

I find it a bad idea to clean automatically after a build. If there
are problems, you may not immediately find them, if you want to
rebuild it takes ages, and so on. Using clean when you want to
clean, and then checking for distclean is all good, but there is no
reason to do this all the time.

Instead, build from Git, configure .gitignore properly and
git-status or git-ls-files will tell you what's unexpected.

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