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On Wed, Nov 12 2008, martin f krafft wrote:

> also sprach Guido Günther <agx at> [2008.11.08.1419 +0100]:
>> Does this look like a worthwhile extension to the current changelog
>> format? For me it makes reviewing changes a lot easier.
> I think this is very important to have, but why put them at the
> front? Changelogs are for consumption by humans and machines, and
> humans have it easier if they can just start reading on the left
> side and get the information they want. Machines don't really care
> very much.
> So, similar to how we close bugs, how about
>   * fixed segfault during daemon startup (Closes: #7005180) [fed3f3d]
> instead?

        I don't do it since it is harder for me to automate that. So,
 here is how my work-flowgoes:

  a) Work away at at a specific goal (fixing a bug, adding a feature) in
     the package. Make sure it compiles (for bisection).
  b) Commit to branch
  c) Merge into integration branch (master)
  e) dch --no-auto-nmu --append --  \ 
       $(git log --abbrev-commit --pretty=oneline HEAD\^.. | \
            perl -pli -e 's/\.\.\.//;' -e 's/\s*(\S+) /[$1] /')
     This adds a line into ./debian/changelog
  f) edit ./debian/changelog, adding in any additional language. I
     generally keep my commit messages and changlog entries distinct,
     since commit messages explain the code changes to a developer, and
     changelogs are geared towards the end user.
  g) use emacs + debian-changlog-mode.el stuff to add the close messages
     (this adds Bug fix: "bug title", thanks to "submitter" (Closes:
     Bug#12345) to the changelog.
  h) Commit ./debian when done.

        A sample is:
|   * [02be18e] Fix the make-kpkg --config fooconfig configure target
|     make-kpkg always ran (silent)?oldconfig, no matter what. Simplified
|     the selection of the configure target, and unbroke the
|     functionality. This should have been an important bug.
|     Bug fix: "menuconfig does not work", thanks to Marcus Better
|                                                     (Closes: #502407).

        I could move the abbreviated sha1sum around, but it is more
 trouble than the result is worth, in my eyes.


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