Rewriting history and TopGit (was: Debian packaging with git and conflicts resolution)

martin f krafft madduck at
Tue Nov 25 08:51:42 UTC 2008

also sprach Sam Vilain <sam at> [2008.11.20.2221 +0100]:
> potentially do this; I don't know that there is a normal UI way of doing
> it[1]; it's the sort of thing I normally do using my 'git-amend' script
> ( ) which just pops open HEAD in an
> editor and lets you mess with it.  In this way the previous merge commit
> can be removed from the history, which makes it equivalent to the case
> where you re-merged continuously, but you get the merge behaviour you
> desire.

This sounds horribly like rewriting history and making it impossible
to work distributed.

also sprach Sam Vilain <sam at> [2008.11.24.0105 +0100]:
> It probably makes sense to make sure that TopGit can deal with the
> use cases you describe; it possibly is most of the way there
> already... Martin?

My head's a bit in the clouds. What is it exactly that you seek from
TopGit (which *never* rewrites history and builds on the premise
that nothing else does[*]).

[*] obviously, nothing is there to be said against git commit
--amend or rebase -i to reorganise commits on branch heads that have
not been published.

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