debian/topics and conflict resolution

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On Mon, Oct 06 2008, martin f krafft wrote:

> also sprach Manoj Srivastava <srivasta at> [2008.10.04.0735 +0200]:
>>         Right. The diff.gz is what the buildd's are fed, each of the
>>  patchsets in ./debian/topic recreate exactly the feature branches used
>>  to develop the code, the orig.tar.gz is the upstream branch. So, just
>>  using the and each of these patches, one can exactly
>>  replicate the tip of all the branches in use.
> Who resolved conflicts, if the serialisation (== conflict
> resolution) is expressively *not* done before building the source
> package?

        Why does it matter to people who are looking at the source
 package who exactly created the integration branch? It could have been
 manually created, it could have been created with the assistance of

        The take away point is that  with independent features, it
 should be feasible for people to study each feature in isolation, or
 all together, easily.

        Looking at subsets of features, but more than one at a time, is
 a less common task, and should be possible, but perhaps require a
 little work.

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