My use case of git-buildpackage

Daniel Dehennin daniel.dehennin at
Thu Nov 3 20:51:10 UTC 2011


First, I'm not a Debian maintainer, I mostly do some package for my
personal use, to follow SVN trunk or git HEAD of some softwares.

As I use Debian, I do not want to "make install" things ;-).

I attach[1] a rough document about my actual uses of git for debian
packaging and post it here for comments.

There are some items about which I would like to discuss, like:

- automatic handling of debia/changelog

- multi-distributions/version packaging (and avoiding conflicts)

- automatic build of packages

- management of orig.tar.gz

I already read some maling-list archives, mostly the "Patch mgmt
workflow proposal" plus the links givent in the thread, but the
conversations are way to high for me.

I read the Debian wiki[2] plus its links, I like Russ Allbery page[3],
it's a real life example[4].


[1]  I need to setup some web access to my git repositories ;-)



[4] Thanks for the trick to split a upstream/debian combined source

Daniel Dehennin
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