[3dprinter-general] Repetier Host licensing

Bas Wijnen wijnen at debian.org
Sun Mar 23 14:27:02 UTC 2014


Some news about Repetier Host:

Summary: Repetier (the author) stopped publishing the source and
continues the project as proprietary.

There are two things we should discuss:

What to do with the package?  We could package the old version and take
over upstream for it, fixing any bugs that may be reported.  Since it's
written in C#, which I don't speak, I'm not going to do this.  If nobody
else steps up, this isn't an option.  If we don't take over upstream,
there will be no package.

Should we complain about the license change?  From the forum post, I
understand that it used to be under the Apache license, and did receive
some limited third party contributions.  We could contact those
contributors and see if they want to complain that he will have to
remove their parts or he can't use the new license.  This approach might
make him angry of course, and isn't something that anyone likes spending
their time on, I think.  On the other hand, it may help to keep the
ecosystem clean (meaning that we don't have to deal with people using
non-free software).

What are your thoughts?

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