[3dprinter-general] Sponsorship for uploading Octoprint

Thorsten Alteholz debian-3dprinting at alteholz.de
Tue May 13 12:19:21 UTC 2014

Hi Tonnere,

On Tue, 13 May 2014, Tonnerre LOMBARD wrote:
>>  octoprint/static/js/lib/knockout.js: MIT
>>  (and maybe I missed one or the other)
> This is a very hard problem.
> The knockoutjs source code consists of many different source files which
> are tied together using a build system named Grunt. Grunt however
> depends on jshint, which is non-dfsg code (it's licensed under the
> no-evil license thingie). So the best poke I'd have would be to package
> knockout and migrate it to a different build system.

couldn't you just use the provided debug build and set DEBUG to false?


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