[3dprinter-general] Standardize names in debian/patches a bit?

Dr. Bas Wijnen wijnen at debian.org
Wed Oct 4 06:24:35 UTC 2017


On Tue, Oct 03, 2017 at 04:50:55PM +0200, Rock Storm wrote:
> DEP-3 [1] already includes a way to state whether a patch is grabed
> from upstream, or it has been fowarded to them or it never will. Is it
> really worth it to state this in the patch's name?

The main benefit I see is not the name, but the order in which they are
applied.  With this order, it is easier for patches to be applied upstream and
then be removed from the package.  If Debian-specific patches are applied
first, the patches that are useful for upstream may not apply cleanly on their

The naming is just a way to make sure that the patches are sorted in the order
that they are applied.

It's not a big thing, but I think it would be good to do this.  It also
wouldn't be that much work.  The main effort (aside from setting it up
initially) would be to insert patches in the middle of the stack, which isn't
that hard.

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