[3dprinter-general] Missing symbols in libArcus for arch:armel

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Wed Nov 29 10:18:35 UTC 2017

[Gregor Riepl]
> looks like I forgot to add the missing symbols in libArcus for armel.
> I wanted to wait until all builds are complete before releasing an
> updated version, but powerpcspe is taking way longer than anticipated,
> so I think it's ok to release 3.0.3-3.


> Pere, can you take care of it? I already updated the changelog and
> tagged it.

I could, but the tag refer to a d/changelog entry with 'UNRELEASED' as
its distribution.  Can't upload.  What should we do to fix it?  Removing
a published tag in git is not very easy. :/

> Since libArcus has been released in Debian, I think it's also time to
> re-enable it in CuraEngine. I'll push a new release later.

I agree, and already pushed a patch to enable it.  Will upload as soon
as possible.

> We can also coordinate on IRC, I'll be around after 20:00.

Lets continue there.  I prefer IRC to email for sponsoring requests, to
avoid accumulating a backlog of emails about sponsoring. :)
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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