[3dprinter-general] Cura 3.2.1 updates

Dr. Bas Wijnen wijnen at debian.org
Sat Mar 31 06:26:14 UTC 2018


On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 07:46:26AM +0200, Gregor Riepl wrote:
> The reason for the two versions is that I pushed an update of libarcus in
> February, but I couldn't do the other packages yet.
> When I updated them, I decided to push a fix for the Multi-Arch issue as well.
> Since it's apparently a bad idea to delete git tags, I didn't re-release but
> instead made a new version.

Yes, I think that is the proper way to do it.

> Is that a problem?
> Does Debian mandate uploads of all intermediate versions?

No, it doesn't. For example, it's possible that an intermediate version is too
experimental for Debian and we want only the more stable version. Or the
maintainer can be too busy to keep up with all the versions that upstream
releases. We can make a new package whenever we want, there is no rule for

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