[3dprinter-general] Cura 5.0~beta

Sebastian Kuzminsky seb at highlab.com
Sat May 14 00:06:54 BST 2022

Hi there folks, I've started packaging Cura 5.0~beta by extending the 
various gbp repos on salsa.  I'm posting here to seek feedback and to 
offer my work-in-progress, so we can avoid duplication of effort.

fdm-materials and libcharon were easy, branches are available here:



However I ran into trouble with libsavitar.  Upstream uses SIP 6.5 to 
build the python bindings, but unstable has moved on to SIP 6.6, which 
replaced the parser, and the new parser crashes on libsavitar's sip files:


The sip 6.5 packages in testing have the old parser, and that builds the 
new libsavitar without any problems.

I'm not sure if the fix in that bug report will be accepted by the SIP 
package maintainers, but when the issue is resolved, here's a branch of 
libsavitar that packages:


Next I'm moving on to libarcus, uranium, cura-engine, pynest2d, and the 
cura gui.

Sebastian Kuzminsky

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