[3dprinter-general] Cura 5.0.0

Sebastian Kuzminsky seb at highlab.com
Thu May 26 02:44:10 BST 2022

I have updated the packages for Cura and its dependencies from Ultimaker.


This doesn't quite build on unstable, it needs qt6 from experimental. 
But with that allowance, the packages build and install and run on unstable.

I am a novice at packaging, and I have probably made some mistakes in 
those packages.  Some things I'm especially unsure about are:

* libsavitar version is 5.0.0, it installs `libSavitar.so.5.0.0`, but 
the package name is `libsavitar0.deb`.  Should it be `libsavitar5.deb`?

* Similarly libarcus installs `libArcus.so.5.0.0`, but the package name 
is `libarcus3.deb`.

* The `cura` and `cura-engine` repos come with tests, but a number of 
the tests fail.  I've disabled the failing tests via debian/patches, but 
I don't know how much diligence is expected in debugging these failures. 
  Upstream does not appear to use a public CI/CD system as far as I can 
tell, and their github actions are broken and don't run the tests.

* I expect the git hygiene in some of those repos may not pass muster. 
I welcome feedback and will try to address any issues.

Sebastian Kuzminsky

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