[3dprinter-general] Cura 5.0.0

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Fri May 27 12:45:16 BST 2022

Re: Sebastian Kuzminsky
> I have updated the packages for Cura and its dependencies from Ultimaker.

Thanks for working on that!

> This doesn't quite build on unstable, it needs qt6 from experimental. But
> with that allowance, the packages build and install and run on unstable.

Oh, that means we should upload to experimental until qt6 is in

> * libsavitar version is 5.0.0, it installs `libSavitar.so.5.0.0`, but the
> package name is `libsavitar0.deb`.  Should it be `libsavitar5.deb`?
> * Similarly libarcus installs `libArcus.so.5.0.0`, but the package name is
> `libarcus3.deb`.

Did that change with 5.0? In any case, we should fix that by renaming
the packages.

> * The `cura` and `cura-engine` repos come with tests, but a number of the
> tests fail.  I've disabled the failing tests via debian/patches, but I don't
> know how much diligence is expected in debugging these failures.  Upstream
> does not appear to use a public CI/CD system as far as I can tell, and their
> github actions are broken and don't run the tests.

There's a debian/README.Debian in one of them, explaining how to copy
the required test files from the other package. (Iirc cura-engine
needs two .json files copied from cura to debian/tests/.)

> * I expect the git hygiene in some of those repos may not pass muster. I
> welcome feedback and will try to address any issues.

I'll see if I can find some time here in Hamburg at the Debian Reunion.


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