[3dprinter-general] slic3r REMOVED from testing

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Thu Jun 29 22:23:48 BST 2023

Re: Gregor Riepl
> > Well, PrusaSlicer is a fork from Slic3r. Nowadays it is way ahead of
> > Slic3r feature-wise. Configuration-wise I don't think they save same
> > stuff at same locations any more. So I don't think Prusa's can be a
> > direct replacement.
> Is there something like a guide that highlights the differences and makes a
> transition a bit easier?

If it's a fork and still does the same thing as before (slicing),
pulling it in from a transitional package is still ok I think. It
doesn't sound like the old version would serve any purpose to still
have around.


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