[3dprinter-general] Cura 5.0 promotion to sid/trixie

Gregor Riepl onitake at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 11:16:17 BST 2023

> Is everything good to go as-is or do we have changes to make?

I found the following potential issues:

cura depends on python3-charon, but doesn't specify a minimum version.
I think this should be (>= 5.0), like the other Cura libraries.
Was this an oversight? If yes, I'll push a change right away.

python3-charon installs a systemd unit file that will start a "Charon 
File Metadata service". I'm not sure what this service does, if it is 
really needed and why it has a Wanted-by on a "griffin.target" (can't 
find what that is, probably Griffin G-Code related?).
In any case, I'm not sure if it's appropriate to put it into a python3-* 
package, or package it at all. Disabling it didn't cause any problems on 
my system.
Their documentation is not helpful either: 
(it says "TODO")
Alternatively, we could move the unit file into a separate package, but 
this seems overkill. The daemon's Python script is contained inside the 
module tree, and I'm not sure if moving it outside is appropriate 
either. Perhaps we could install the unit file and make the service 
disabled by default? Or simply remove it...
I asked about it here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/libCharon/issues/45

On another note, cura has an optional dependency on python3-sentry-sdk. 
Ultimaker uses Sentry.io for reporting crashes, but as far as I can see, 
they do it in a sensible manner and don't blindly send uncensored data 
out to the internet. We could make the dependency optional (i.e. a 
Recommends instead of a Depends), but I think it would be ok to keep the 
dependency. What do you think?

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