[3dprinter-general] Cura 5.0 promotion to sid/trixie

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Sun Jul 2 20:21:05 BST 2023

Re: Gregor Riepl
> cura depends on python3-charon, but doesn't specify a minimum version.
> I think this should be (>= 5.0), like the other Cura libraries.
> Was this an oversight? If yes, I'll push a change right away.

Probably an oversight. (Or just me being reluctant to blindly bump
versioned dependencies without any proof it would be required.)
Let's add it.

> python3-charon installs a systemd unit file that will start a "Charon File
> Metadata service". I'm not sure what this service does, if it is really
> needed and why it has a Wanted-by on a "griffin.target" (can't find what
> that is, probably Griffin G-Code related?).

I've seen it, but wasn't curious enough to investigate.

> Alternatively, we could move the unit file into a separate package, but this
> seems overkill. The daemon's Python script is contained inside the module
> tree, and I'm not sure if moving it outside is appropriate either. Perhaps
> we could install the unit file and make the service disabled by default? Or
> simply remove it...

Since it's only listening on dbus and not running all the time, I
wouldn't care too much.

> I asked about it here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/libCharon/issues/45


> On another note, cura has an optional dependency on python3-sentry-sdk.
> Ultimaker uses Sentry.io for reporting crashes, but as far as I can see,
> they do it in a sensible manner and don't blindly send uncensored data out
> to the internet. We could make the dependency optional (i.e. a Recommends
> instead of a Depends), but I think it would be ok to keep the dependency.
> What do you think?

Sounds like Recommends would be appropriate, but I guess that needs

I'll start with the uploads now.


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