[3dprinter-general] Printrun dependencies issue

Rock Storm rockstorm at gmx.com
Tue Aug 8 09:02:32 BST 2023

Hi all,

The situation is this:

 * 2nd July, Printrun 2.0.1 is uploaded to unstable. At this time the
   version of pyglet (a dependency of Printrun) currently in unstable is
   1.5.27. All good.

 * 29th July, pyglet 2.0.9 is uploaded to unstable.

 * I've just realized some features of Printrun fail to run under pyglet
   2+. Upstream is aware of this but has not transitioned to pyglet 2+

If we now declare pyglet (<<2) in the dependencies of Printrun it
becomes uninstallable in unstable due to dependency issues. I'm not sure
how to proceed in this situation. Printrun is not completely unusable
under pyglet 2+ but some features won't work. Please advise.


=E2=A2=A0=E2=A3=A4=E2=A3=BC=E2=A3=A7=E2=A3=A4=E2=A1=84 Rock Storm
=E2=A2=A8=E2=A0=BF=E2=A0=83=E2=A0=98=E2=A2=BF=E2=A1=85 C304 34B3 632C 464C =
2FAF C741 0439 CF52 C968 32FD

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