[Alioth-staff-replacement] Update of the current state

Joerg Jaspert joerg at ganneff.de
Fri Jul 14 22:12:55 UTC 2017

On 14733 March 1977, Alexander Wirt wrote:

> I'll set myself a deadline on thursday evening to get a
> decision. If you want to help me with that decision, post your thinkings and
> comments to that list or talk to me on #alioth. The decision is not an easy
> one and I want to choose the best thing for debian. 

Is it that pressured to get the decision?

I know we need one, but this is an important thing, a load of Debian
work will depend on this decision in the future, and ending up taking
the wrong one due to short time constraints may hurt later on.

I also wonder if one shouldn't take the time (and yes, I know its a load
of work) to run both serious candidates, gitlab and pagure, in parallel,
to see what actually works out. With a clear "Everything you do in here
WILL be deleted at $date (say, in one or two months) - and may actually
be deleted daily if some larger changes to the setup need it", and
whoever expects things in there to exist forever gets laughed at.

But that way people can use those test instances to try and implement
their actual ways of working in both, and see which one allows it. And
can see which one allows one to add more "blim" on top, say like ci fun.
And the admins can see which platform does actually handle it better for
the admin side.

I would be willing to admin the gitlab test instance for this.

bye, Joerg

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