[Android-tools-devel] Introduction and looking forward to contribute

Manas Kashyap manaskashyaptech at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 15:40:53 GMT 2018

Hola Everyone,
I am Manas Kashyap, currently, an undergrad at Amity University, Noida,
India, I am in my 3rd year. I have been in packaging for past 1 and 1/2
year and currently working on it too . I have done packaging of ruby, go,
node, python modules and also helped in other projects like hamaalinux.org
and many more.
Yet, I don't know anything and still looking forward to learning from you
all and i am really looking forward to contributing to projects.
Please let me know how can I contribute to projects.
Thanking you
Manas Kashyap
wiki.debian.org/ManasKashyap  <http://wiki.debian.org/ManasKashyap>
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