[Android-tools-devel] New Android SDK/NDK Rebuilds

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Mon Nov 26 16:57:01 GMT 2018


On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 05:32:35PM +0100, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> It would be really great to connect your builds to the F-Droid builds!
> The first step would be to make a repository of your packages that
> sdkmanager can use.  I could probably host that on mirror.f-droid.org,
> or perhaps another box.  How much space would that need?

Here's an excerpt:
480M android-ndk-r18b-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2
701M android-sdk_eng.android_linux-x86-9.0.0r18.zip
703M android-sdk_eng.android_windows-9.0.0r18.zip
196M sdk-repo-linux-tools-26.1.1.zip
197M sdk-repo-windows-tools-26.1.1.zip

These binaries are the direct result of the SDK/NDK build system.
Typically the google guys either repackage these or recompile them
differently for integration with 'sdkmanager'.  They also manage to
offer newer versions as well as additional bundles that I didn't
locate the source code for.
E.g. SDK9 is a monolith build for all this:

$ tools/bin/sdkmanager --list
Installed packages:
  Path                                         | Version    | Description                       | Location                            
  -------                                      | -------    | -------                           | -------                             
  build-tools;28.0.1                           | 28.0.1     | Android SDK Build-Tools 28.0.1    | build-tools/android-9/              
  docs                                         | 1          | Documentation for Android SDK     | docs/                               
  platform-tools                               | 28.0.0 rc1 | Android SDK Platform-Tools 28 rc1 | platform-tools/                     
  platforms;android-28                         | 5          | Android SDK Platform 28, rev 5    | platforms/android-9/                
  system-images;android-28;default;armeabi-v7a | 3          | ARM EABI v7a System Image         | system-images/android-9/armeabi-v7a/

(Note: the Locations are considered "inconsistent" by sdkmanager)
I typically install one of the bundles and work from there without downloading anything.

> The NDK and sdk_tools builds finish in under an hour.  I didn't realize
> the SDK build was _that_ big!

Haha, I try to include detailed usage statitics in all my wiki pages.

- Sylvain

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