[Aptitude-devel] How to commit to the Mercurial repository?

Daniel Burrows dburrows at debian.org
Mon Apr 7 13:54:33 UTC 2008

On Mon, Apr 07, 2008 at 11:05:33AM +0200, Jens Seidel <jensseidel at users.sf.net> was heard to say:
> I tried to test my write permissions (thanks) by committing the current
> gl.po translation but failed with "ssl required". Since Daniel asked for
> my Alioth account I assume the authorisation happens via ssh. Is this
> right?
> Up to now I found only instructions how to clone from
> http://hg.debian.org/hg/aptitude/head (such as from
> http://algebraicthunk.net/~dburrows/projects/aptitude/contributing/).
> I tried replacing http by ssh but failed with:
> remote: abort: repository aptitude/head not found!
> abort: no suitable response from remote hg!
> Also a connection via
> hg clone ssh://jseidel-guest@shell.alioth.debian.org/hg/aptitude/head aptitude-ssh
> failed.

  Yeah, I don't have instructions published for pushing because there
are only about 5 people who need to know how. :-)

  It looks like I push to ssh://dburrows@hg.debian.org//hg/aptitude/head .
The double '/' is important; I can't push without it (I guess that the
ssh URL must default to a path relative to ~).

  On another note, I've found it useful to add this to .hg/hgrc in the
aptitude repository:

default-push = ssh://dburrows@hg.debian.org//hg/aptitude/head
default = http://hg.debian.org/hg/aptitude/head

  That lets me pull without having to supply a password, but still push
via ssh.


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