[Aptitude-devel] Several i18n patches and updated German translation

Jens Seidel jensseidel at users.sf.net
Tue Jan 15 07:48:07 UTC 2008


I updated the German translation and noticed some internationalisation
errors in the head of the mercurial repository.

First a simple question: I read somewhere that the debian/ subdirectory
is contained in another repository but could not find it. Where is it?

OK, let me explain my patches:

 * I18n did not worked! Updating PO files (make update-po in po/) resulted
   in some errors as po/POTFILES.in contained invalid source files!
 * Also some strings (W_("...")) where not extracted from source which
   resulted in untranslated messages!
 * Radio buttons in the preferences dialog where untranslated as W_()
   was accessed during a static array initialisation which happens
   before main() is started and while C is still the current locale.
   I fixed this by specifying the English message to class radio_choice
   and calling gettext in get_description() and get_long_description().
   Instead of using W_ in the static array initialisation one has to use
   now N_ to just mark the message translateable but not to translate

 * This fixes some trivial types. Please also fix these errors in all PO
   files to avoid new fuzzy strings. Beware that the message containing
   "aptiutde" will occur twice once fixed and should that's why be
   removed from all PO files (it's illegal to have a msgid string twice
   in PO files).
 * My new German translation contains these fixes already.

 * A few comments from me. Do not commit (except maybe some FIXME:
   items) but please inspect.

The updated German translation can be found at

Do you also have a stable branch or will it take a long time until the
translation update will be updated in Debian?

PS: Please CC: me.

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