[Aptitude-devel] New upload of aptitude translations

Jens Seidel jensseidel at users.sf.net
Fri Sep 5 10:47:46 UTC 2008


let's use the list ...

On Mon, Sep 01, 2008 at 03:26:35PM +0200, Jens Seidel wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> as you probably noticed some translations got committed during the last
> hours. That's because of a call for updates I sent recently (much later
> than intented, sorry).
> I informed translators about a possible upload on September, 05. I hope
> that's not too late for the release but I doubt it. Feel free to delay
> it even longer, maybe more stuff will be sent by translators.

I'm very sorry but I noticed today that I forgot to add some
translations (dz (Dzongkha), ne (Nepali), th (Thai), uk (Ukrainian)) to
configure.ac. That's why "make update-po" didn't updated these po files.

Today I recieved a translation update for uk based on the
incomplete PO file I sent the author. I sent him a new file but it is
unlikely that it will be completed today.

Since my 6 week long holidays will start tomorrow I would also like to
work on the German translation of the documentation the next time.

Daniel, is it OK to delay the upload a little bit longer or to perform
another upload in, let's say, 2 or 3 weeks?

According to Luk Claes: "We won't make it to release this month as we
still need to fix a lot of RC bugs and test installations/upgrades."
(Message-ID: <48BEC572.3080003 at debian.org>).

PS: CCed translators: See
for details of translating aptitude and current PO files (but aware:
I assume the PO files are only updated once a day, so ensure the update
time is from today).


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