[Aptitude-devel] Translations after merge of post-lenny

Jens Seidel jensseidel at users.sf.net
Wed Apr 8 14:35:33 UTC 2009

Hi Daniel and others,

I tried to verify that translations survived properly the merge of
post-lenny into head and noticed trouble :-)

First of all I miss a merge view for mercurial. I found "hg view" which
is similar to "gitk" but cannot restrict it to po/. OK, looking at the
full graph I'm lost :-) There are too many merged branches since the split
of head around version (2008-06-28) and branches seem to have no
names (at least in the hg view output) (how to identify post-lenny, head,

One error I noticed immediately:
In 2611:c81f562751d6 you destroyed the latin1 encoding in po/da.po. Compare
"iconv -f iso-8859-1 po/da.po" which contains now "�". 

Since I don't know exactly what you did, please repair it yourself.

Looking at the diff of "c81f562751d6" (Merge the entire post-lenny branch
into head.) I see the diff for configure.ac:

-ALL_LINGUAS="ar bs ca ..."
+ALL_LINGUAS="ar ast bs ca ..."

A stupid question: What is merged into what? Is post-lenny merged into old head
or old head into post-lenny? Or is the merge a symmetric operation?

At least I remember that I added "ast" to the old head and not post-lenny.
Headers of the hg log tell me:

Parent: 1665:94b597a663a7 (Merge my version number bump with Jens's translation changes.)
Parent: 2610:78100f86756d (Do the legwork necessary to intern strings and structures that were parsed from the log file.)

So it seems that a diff of -r1665:2610 is performed? But I expect "ast" in

Sorry, I'm lost. Probably the most simple solution is just to trust you but
in this case I would have missed the encoding error ...


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