[Aptitude-devel] Strange localizable strings in aptitude-gtk

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Tue May 26 05:44:55 UTC 2009

I found many very strange "localizable" strings in the PO file,
probably coming from aptitude-gtk:

#: src/gtk/aptitude.glade:221
msgid "gtk-undo"
msgstr "gtk-undo"

#: src/gtk/aptitude.glade:234
msgid "gtk-cut"
msgstr "gtk-cut"

#: src/gtk/aptitude.glade:242
msgid "gtk-copy"
msgstr "gtk-copy"

#: src/gtk/aptitude.glade:250
msgid "gtk-paste"
msgstr "gtk-paste"


As you see, in the French translation, I'll "translate" them by just
copying the msgid. I guess that these are indeed strings that come
from GTK itself. So, for instance, "gtk-copy" would be "Copy" in
English and "Copier" in French.

If that's correct, I think these strings should not be marked as

Another slightly incorrect string seems to be:

#: src/gtk/aptitude.glade:2179
msgid ""
"Do you want to apply these changes?\n"
"You can also modify the files by hand, then click \"No\"."
msgstr ""

Here, the message makes assumptions about the interface (ie there will
be Yes and No buttons....) which is discouraged (the buttons could be
translated...or not).

I'd suggest using something more neutral such as "If you refuse this
option, you can also modify files by hand".....and I also personnally
dislike the "by hand" that is too much suggesting a really manual
action such as using a screwdriver or any other real tool. But that is
more personal taste...:)


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