[Aptitude-devel] Strange localizable strings in aptitude-gtk

Obey Arthur Liu arthur at milliways.fr
Tue May 26 16:39:07 UTC 2009

Christian Perrier a écrit :
> I found many very strange "localizable" strings in the PO file,
> probably coming from aptitude-gtk:
> #: src/gtk/aptitude.glade:221
> msgid "gtk-undo"
> msgstr "gtk-undo"
> #: src/gtk/aptitude.glade:234
> msgid "gtk-cut"
> msgstr "gtk-cut"
> #: src/gtk/aptitude.glade:242
> msgid "gtk-copy"
> msgstr "gtk-copy"
> #: src/gtk/aptitude.glade:250
> msgid "gtk-paste"
> msgstr "gtk-paste"
> .../...
> As you see, in the French translation, I'll "translate" them by just
> copying the msgid. I guess that these are indeed strings that come
> from GTK itself. So, for instance, "gtk-copy" would be "Copy" in
> English and "Copier" in French.
> If that's correct, I think these strings should not be marked as
> translatable.

That's correct. Gnome/GTK+ translators should be handling those.

> Another slightly incorrect string seems to be:
> #: src/gtk/aptitude.glade:2179
> msgid ""
> "Do you want to apply these changes?\n"
> "You can also modify the files by hand, then click \"No\"."
> msgstr ""
> Here, the message makes assumptions about the interface (ie there will
> be Yes and No buttons....) which is discouraged (the buttons could be
> translated...or not).
> I'd suggest using something more neutral such as "If you refuse this
> option, you can also modify files by hand".....and I also personnally
> dislike the "by hand" that is too much suggesting a really manual
> action such as using a screwdriver or any other real tool. But that is
> more personal taste...:)

I was wondering what "/' to use. This solves the problem.

I'm still sitting on a pile of translations of the aptitude-gtk part.
I'll try to finish those in the coming days.


Obey Arthur Liu

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