[Aptitude-devel] weird aptitude behavior with "grub" package?

Miles Bader miles at gnu.org
Sat Sep 5 05:45:18 UTC 2009

The newest version of the "grub" package is a dummy package which
depends on "grub-pc", and is supposed to cause that pckage to replace
the old "grub-legacy" package.

On my system, currently "grub" and "grub-legacy" are installed;
grub-legacy is marked "auto".

However if I just do "U" to upgrade, aptitude marks _all_ of the grub
packages to be uninstalled, and _doesn't_ mark grub-pc for installation.

This seems very dangerous -- wouldn't it mean a simple upgrade causes
the system to end up without any bootloader at all?!

(I _can_ install "grub-pc" explicitly, so there's no obvious conflict)



Twice, adv. Once too often.

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