[Aptitude-devel] New version ready for sponser/upload

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Thu Feb 9 10:17:28 UTC 2012

Hi Manuel,

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo wrote:
> 2012/2/8 Daniel Hartwig <mandyke at gmail.com>:
> > Now, would you rather I quickly make these changes to the current
> > version and reupload, or leave them a week or two while I ready some
> > other packaging changes (build-indep for docs and split out many files
> > to aptitude-common)?
> My approach to these matters with Debian packages is to be forgiving
> (I hope that I'm using the right expression).

Well, and the common approach for sponsoring is to be picky. And
high expectations are one of the reasons for Debian's quality.

> The new package doesn't have to be perfect in all aspects, just to
> be better than the previous release.

Sure, and I'll likely upload the package as it is -- after some more
testing. But those things should be fixed nevertheless. And the
earlier the better.

> Sometimes it happens that you spend time fixing a smallish thing and
> then when uploaded it has major issues because it doesn't build in
> some architectures due to e.g. GCC problems;

But usually not due to the smallish things. I don't see why that's an
argument here.

> or a couple of days later a new version of a library breaks the
> package.

That could happen anytime if an API or ABI changes. No argument here IMHO.

> So don't let the perfect to be enemy of the good; all of these matters
> were present before (for years in many cases), and are trivial
> packaging "nitpicks".

Exactly. That means they're easy to fix and are not much work.

P.S. to Christian: Any news from the Alioth project administration? I
still don't seem to be a group member.

		Regards, Axel
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