[Aptitude-devel] aptitude's bug #552522: aptitude-gtk would need to depend on gnome-games

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo manuel.montezelo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 12:45:36 UTC 2012

found 552522 0.6.4-1.2


(Sending to aptitude-devel@ because I'd like to have the opinion from
people in there).

In my opinion, this is quite a misfeature.  Why should aptitude
contain games is beyond me, but launching games as external programs

1) wrong per se;

2) bug-inducing, and causing people to spend time looking at this,
like the reporter and me;

3) introducing the dependency on gnome-games from aptitude-gtk would
be the only way to solve this bug, and we will get for sure more bug
reports/complaints about aptitude-gtk pulling out big dependencies for
no good reason at all (gnomine and gnome-games-data, and possibly
libraries otherwise not necessary in the system).

4) Possibly a security issue, since often aptitude/aptitude-gtk would
be run with root priviledges, so any compromise to the target game
would also be causing problems to this package.

5) If the program provides ways to launch an unrelated application
altogether, what would be the reason against launching anything else?
One could argue that opening a browser with URLs to aptitude or
Debian-related sites would be more appropriate, even if completely
pointless too.


IMO the only sensible solution is to remove this misfeature from aptitude-gtk.


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