[Aptitude-devel] About the status and plans for aptitude

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo manuel.montezelo at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 19:12:36 UTC 2012

2012/1/14 Axel Beckert <abe at debian.org>:
> Not seriously though, mostly for the same reasons as Christian: I have
> no idea of C++. And the very little idea I got during my second
> semester at university (about 15 years ago) is surely gone for good.
> ;-)

Hmmm, so C++ is not that sort of think like riding a bike, that you
never forget even if don't practice it? ;-)

Just kidding, I think that things like these are very important:

> But I can offer to test aptitude from unstable or experimental in
> daily heavy duty use (including custom grouping, custom format strings
> and custom limiting) on several Debian and Debian-Ports architectures:
> i386, amd64, kfreebsd-i386, powerpc and sparc at least -- armhf,
> sparc64 and maybe alpha to come. Plus root access to one
> kfreebsd-amd64 box (asdfasdf actually).

Testing aptitude in such architectures, which are "arcane" for many of
us, will be very important.  And opinion/counseling from heavy users
will be very welcome.

> And encouraging those who are already up to help out with aptitude to
> continue to do so! :-) Thanks!

... and overseeing our work and packaging practices will be very
usefull as well.

Cheers, welcome aboard and thanks for your nice words.

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