[Aptitude-devel] Offer to translate aptitude-doc in Italian

Michał Kułach michalkulach at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 17:53:26 UTC 2012


Dnia 14-03-2012 o 18:25:17 beatrice <beatricet at libero.it> napisał(a):

> I don't know if such a translation would be welcome and how you manage
> the translation work. I saw some .po files for other languages in the
> source package, but no .pot template file. I saw also what I think it's
> an .xml source in English.

I'm working on the same translation for Polish, so I can probably help you  
:) Pot file can be found in git repo [1].

BTW: Italian manpage is stored in nroff file, and is probably very  
outdated [2], so I suggest you to start with this translation (it is in  
the same .pot file [3]).


Michał Kułach

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