[Aptitude-devel] Preview of work refactored from experimental-0.6.9

Daniel Hartwig mandyke at gmail.com
Sun Feb 9 11:27:05 UTC 2014


I have just pushed two branches, updated for current master.

* dth/remove-libept

Libept is suggested to be removed by its developer.  Aptitude only
uses it to read debtags database and initiate apt-xapian-index.  Both
of these tasks are trivial to perform without libept, so this branch
is moving towards doing that.

Refactored with care from experimental.  The HEAD is not yet
finalized, and then there are a few more commits to make on top of
that (multi-arch optimization and reading tags from apt db when
debtags is not installed).

* dth/cachefile

This is the most significantly changed part of wip-cmdline.  In the
older branch there was much duplication of code from libapt for
constructing CacheSets, due to aptitudes independent cachefile class.
Here it is derived directly from apts class and hence, less code

There is still some duplication due to certain design issues with the

Underneath this goes these two commits from wip-cmdline:
- Use apt's CommandLine parser
- Tidy error handling in main, cmdline actions

On top, is the later half of:
- Add pkgset helpers

This final commit entangles some unrelated behavioral changes which I
am pulling out in to separate commits.

* On to 0.7 development

Merging any of this work is sufficient to justify a bump to 0.7.  In
particular, the tighter error handling and fixups to command line
handling constitute a noticeable change to the interface.

We can expect final drafts of the complete work by this time next week.


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