[Aptitude-devel] Removing mafm commit access

Daniel Hartwig mandyke at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 00:01:02 UTC 2014

On 5 March 2014 07:08, Axel Beckert <abe at debian.org> wrote:
> Daniel,
> Daniel Hartwig wrote:
>> I am not satisfied with the quality of commits Manuel is making.
> Hey, nobody's perfect!
> Did we remove your commit access just because we were not satisfied
> with you being MIA for about 1.5 years? No, we didn't.

At what point did you determine I was MIA?  Did anyone follow the
usual procedure and e.g. attempt to contact me directly without

Even though there was no published activity, it is clear from my
subsequent reports that indeed I have been active, and preparing the
way to address some of the deep-rooted issues in time for Jessie.

>> I am removing his commit access until such time that the quality of
>> his patches improves.
> Not happy. Not at all.
> Manuel did a lot of work on Aptitude. He pulled it out of the dirt,
> mostly by gathering smaller patches which were already committed
> somewhere else, but also by writing fixes for long standing bugs.
> Not to forget all the bug triage he did in the past few months.
>> He is welcome to continue submitting patches, performing work on the
>> bts, and sponsoring prepared releases.
> Do you really expect that he will do that anymore?

If there is a legitimate interest in contributing, yes.  The same
applies to anyone else in his position.

> I don't. You
> very likely kicked him out with this totally inappropriate action.
> So congratulations, you've just scared away Aptitude's most active
> contributor of the past few months. :-(
>> This is not a suggestion, request, or invitation for discussion.
> IMHO after such a long time of inactivity you are no more in the
> position to say anything like this.
> I expect you to apologize for your inappropriate behaviour and to
> re-add Manuel as project member without him needing to do anything
> himself like e.g. applying again.

Just to be quite clear: I do not accept Manuel as a co-developer with
access to the git repository at this time.  Such access will not be
reinstated until I am generally satisfied that he and I can work
together harmoniously.

Manuel did formally remove himself from the position and duties of
maintainer some time ago due to the same conflicts.  Meanwhile I have
done all the work _required_ for Wheezy, such as implementing
multiarch, resolving all RC bugs, assisting transitions, etc.  He can
send his work to the bts like anyone else until such conflicts are no
longer present.

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