[Aptitude-devel] I wonder if and how I should integrate my set of IMHO useful aptitude aliases into aptitude proper

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Sun Feb 7 19:21:12 UTC 2016


I've got a bunch aptitude aliases in use which seem useful to me and I
wonder if I should intergrate them into the aptitude source code somehow:

  alias aptitude-just-recommended='aptitude -o "Aptitude::Pkg-Display-Limit=!?reverse-depends(~i) ( ?reverse-recommends(~i) | ?reverse-suggests(~i) ) !?reverse-recommends(^abe-) !?reverse-suggests(^abe-) ~M !?essential"'
  alias aptitude-also-via-dependency='aptitude -o "Aptitude::Pkg-Display-Limit=~i !~M ( ?reverse-depends(~i) | ?reverse-recommends(~i) | ?reverse-suggests(~i) ) !?essential"'
  alias aptitude-review-unmarkauto-libraries='aptitude -o "Aptitude::Pkg-Display-Limit=( ^lib !-dev$ !-dbg$ !-utils$ !-tools$ !-bin$ !-doc$ !-progs$ !-clients$ !-examples$ !^libreoffice | -data$ | -common$ | -base$ !^r-base ) !~M ~i"'
  alias aptitude-upgradable-to-experimental='aptitude -o "Aptitude::Pkg-Display-Limit=~i ?narrow(!~VCURRENT, ~Aexperimental)"'
  alias aptitude-upgradable-to-buildd='aptitude -o "Aptitude::Pkg-Display-Limit=~i ?narrow(!~VCURRENT, ~Abuildd)"'
  alias aptitude-newer-than-in-archive='aptitude -o "Aptitude::Pkg-Display-Limit=~i ?any-version(!~O.) !~U !~o"'
  # Affected by https://bugs.debian.org/814037 and https://bugs.debian.org/814038
  alias aptitude-dpigs='aptitude -o "Aptitude::UI::Flat-View-As-First-View=true" -o "Aptitude::Pkg-Display-Limit=~i" -o "Aptitude::UI::Default-Sorting=installsize"'

(taken from
https://github.com/xtaran/zshrc/blob/master/zsh.d/50-alias#L197; I
also blogged about some of them: http://noone.org/blog?-tags=aptitude)

One idea is currently to ship them as ready-to-use (i.e.
non-compressed and executable) shell scripts in

Of course we could also ship them in /usr/bin/ which would raise their
visibility. But then again, I'm not sure if it's worth to clutter
/usr/bin/ with them.

Another idea is to ship two scripts, maybe called
'aptitude-search-set' (CLI variant) and 'aptitude-view-set' (TUI
variant) which take parameters like "just-recommended",
"also-via-dependency", "not-marked-auto-libraries",
"upgradable-to-experimental", "upgradable-to-buildd",
"newer-than-in-archive" or "dpigs" and call aptitude with the
appropriate parameters taken from some text file under

Any comments?

		Regards, Axel
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