[Babel-users] the routing atomic update wet paint - because *I* care

Matthieu Boutier boutier at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr
Mon Apr 6 09:03:52 UTC 2015

> I think the "unique key" for the route is destination, routing table
> and metric. The metric part is important, if you put the "routing
> protocol path cost" into the route, atomic replacement will not work.

Interesting (so the previous patch is wrong).  Did you know about the
"source" part? (RTA_SRC)  Is it part of the "key"?

Dave, perhaps this "may" be better -- note this has no chance to get
into babeld:

-    const int has_atomic_replacement = has_ipv6_subtrees; /* Dave says that if a
+    const int has_atomic_replacement = has_ipv6_subtrees && !reflect_kernel_metric; /* Dave says that if a


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