[Babel-users] ANNOUNCE: babeld-1.6.0

Gabriel Kerneis gabriel at kerneis.info
Sat Apr 18 05:27:48 UTC 2015

Le 2015-04-18 05:26, Dave Taht a écrit :
> On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 8:04 PM, Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> While I am happy to see this switchover...
>> A) it would have be nice if you did not break the build, and had

Note that I did *not* push to the for-14.07 branch, only to master (in 
case it make any difference).

>> checked for dependencies on babels and fixed those too. there was 
>> only
>> one... but it happened to be on code (hnetd) I am testing tomorrow
>> morning at 10AM PDT. A find . -type f -name Makefile | xargs grep
>> babels revealed that only hnetd depended on it.

Sorry about that, I reverted the deletion of babels.

>> B) It is not clear what else broke with hnetd with this change to
>> babels from babeld. The two sets of init and config scripts had 
>> grown
>> to differ quite a bit.

Mostly, in my understanding, because babels never picked up the 
clean-up by Baptiste.

>> C) You missed adding ipv6-subtrees support to the init script, and 
>> as
>> all of openwrt has ipv6_subtrees support in the kernel, the default
>> should be true for this os, not the default in babel, which is 
>> false.

This wasn't in babels as far as I can tell. Does it matter for people 
not doing source-specific stuff? Can't we assume that those who do will 
set it up? I'm a bit nervous to add this change by default right now, 
especially knowing how some openwrt users sometimes cherry-pick packages 
from snapshots while still running a kernel from an old release (they 
shouldn't, but they do).

> D) you did not incorporate any of the source specific openwrt
> babels init and config mods like
>         append_parm "$cfg" 'src_ip' 'src-ip'
>         append_parm "$cfg" 'src_eq' 'src-eq'
>         append_parm "$cfg" 'src_le' 'src-le'
>         append_parm "$cfg" 'src_ge' 'src-ge'

Ah, I had warned people on this very list about changes to filter 
rules, and then I managed to miss them because they weren't in the 
release notes. My mistake, will fix.

Speaking of which, would you prefer to have free-form filter rules in 
the config instead (while keeping backwards-compatibility of course)?

> E) And there was a longstanding patch in babels that I hope made 
> babeld,
> or was solved some other way...
> 0001-Allow-routes-with-source-128-for-SAS-on-Linux.patch

I'm not applying patches I don't understand, but I'm happy to include 
it if Juliusz approves it.

> It would be best if someone could revert commit:
> 23e20773d8b5c90dad99702e030ce86ccf3344f3


Gabriel Kerneis

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