[Babel-users] Higher CPU usage since 1.9.x leads to instability on slow devices

Fabian Bläse fabian at blaese.de
Thu May 14 22:25:24 BST 2020


we are running a relatively big Freifunk network with babel(d).

Ever since we have upgraded to babeld 1.9.x, CPU usage is a lot higher than with 1.8.x. Especially slower devices like embedded MIPS routers are having trouble to keep up, which leads to route instablity due to late helos. The flapping route updates result in even higher cpu consumption and also affect neighbouring nodes. Especially devices which see the complete routing table multiple times (because of multiple equally expensive upstreams) suffer a lot. The same devices with the same peers are a lot more stable when running on babeld 1.8.x.

The complete network has around 2000 routes, about half of them being IPv4.
We are also making use of IPv6 source specific default routes.

I've tried to analyze why this might happen, but I don't have any clue what might have changed from 1.8.x to 1.9.x which resulted in this cpu usage increase.

Is anyone else having simliar issues?


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