[Babel-users] Higher CPU usage since 1.9.x leads to instability on slow devices

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at irif.fr
Fri May 15 00:18:40 BST 2020

> Ever since we have upgraded to babeld 1.9.x, CPU usage is a lot higher
> than with 1.8.x. Especially slower devices like embedded MIPS routers
> are having trouble to keep up, which leads to route instablity due to
> late helos.

That sounds pretty bad.

In principle, 1.9 should use less CPU than 1.8, since some algorithms have
been reworked to be in n·logn instead of n².  On the other hand, 1.9 uses
more memory, since there is now a per-neighbour unicast buffer instead of
a single buffer for all neighbours; this shouldn't matter much in practice,
except if you have hundreds of neighbours.

Perhaps you could provide us with a CPU profile?

– Juliusz

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