[Debconf-devel] Bug#382186: Proposed changes to the debconf templates

Emanuele Aina faina.mail at tiscali.it
Sun Aug 13 21:53:34 UTC 2006

Christian Perrier notò:

> (putting the BTS in CC if you don't mind...it's important to keep
> record of that)

Sorry. Hit "Reply" intead of "Reply to all"... :)

>>Do you translate even "dialog" and "readline"?
> Dialog was translated to "Dialogue"...."Readline" has been left
> untranslated, but I actually think that we should translate it because
> it's hard to understand...:-)
> "Dialogue" is not very meaningful also...I should think about
> something clearer (even if longer).

I don't think this is a shortcoming of the translation, but the English 
message is not very easy to understand for normal users.

My suggestion was to prioritize GNOME and KDE, as those are the right 
answers for casual users.

"dialog" and "readline" are for very technical users, which know their 
meaning, and are not meant to be translated as they are the name of the 
two libraries used by the respective backend.

This was my proposal:

"The GNOME and KDE frontends are modern graphical interfaces,
fitting the respective desktops environment (but may be used in any
X environment). The dialog frontend is a full-screen, character
based interface, while the readline frontend uses a more traditional
plain text interface. The editor frontend lets you configure things
using your favorite text editor. The noninteractive frontend never
asks you any questions."

It could be made even more clear that the GNOME and KDE items are the 
answers to be selected by normal users.

Complimenti per l'ottima scelta.

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