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Across the way a motor purled gently in the car with the parking lights on it. Motors purl gently in thousands of cars on thousands of streets, everywhere.
Patton ignored him and went over to the railing and looked down. "Funny place for a body to be," he said. "No current here to mention, but what there is would be towards the dam." Bill Chess lowered his wrists and said quietly: "She did it herself, you darn fool. Muriel was a fine swimmer. She dived down in and swum under the�boards there and just breathed water in. Had to. No other way."
"Why did I go back? Is that what you want to know?"
"Nope. Mrs. Kingsley was here a few weeks back. She went down the hill. Back any day, I guess, Didn't he say?" I looked surprised. "Why? Does she go with the cabin?" He scowled and then put his head back and burst out laughing. The roar of his laughter was like a tractor backfiring. It blasted the woodland silence to shreds.

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