[Debconf-devel] Valve delivery time guaranteed---lily

lily lily at zgindustrygroup.com
Thu Jul 30 12:36:27 BST 2020

Hello DearDebconf-devel,
I’m lily from ZG industry.
We mainly produce valves.Delivery time guaranteed.
Any support need,pls contact

Butterfly valve DN32-DN1200
 Gate valve DN50- DN1600
 Ball valve DN25- DN150
 Check valve DN50- DN1100
 Rubber joint DN50- DN2600
 Globe valve DN50- DN600

Henan ZGindustry Co.,Ltd lily Best Wishes to Debconf-devel at 07/30/202019:36:24Tel: +86-379-6068 9006 | Fax: +0086 379-6068 9007 | Phone:+ 0086 -180 0379 2468     
Web:www.zgindustry.com Email : sale at zgindustry.com
Whatsapp:0086 -180 0379 2468
Cast iron valve | cast steel valve |SS valvewater supply |sewage |food |chemical|natural gas|petroleum|
PPlease consider the environment before printing this email!

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