financial support for the MiniDebConf at Curitiba, Brazil

Antonio Terceiro terceiro at
Tue Feb 16 12:47:19 UTC 2016


We are organizing a MiniDebconf in Curitiba, Brazil, which will take
place on March 5th and 6th.

I would like to request finnacial support from Debian funds to cover
expenses of the organization, such as paying the people who will run the
venue during the event and clean it up afterwards, renting chairs for
the space that will be used as an auditorium, making a few Debian
banners, and food/drinds for coffee breaks. The detailed budget is being
recorded at the wiki¹ (in Portuguese, sorry).


The details are not final yet, but the worst case scenario at this point
is R$ 2500.00, which by yesterday conversion rates is ~ € 565.

ntonio Terceiro <terceiro at>
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